Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (2023)

Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (1)

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Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (2)

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N°1 in Europe for second houses

1,929 houses and apartments for sale

Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (4)

Property Essonne Property Hauts-de-Seine Property Seine-et-Marne Property Seine-Saint-Denis Property Val-de-Marne Property Val-d'Oise Property Paris Property Yvelines










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  • Property Paris (882 listings)
  • Property Hauts-de-Seine (272 listings)
  • Property Yvelines (243 listings)
  • Property Seine-et-Marne (165 listings)
  • Property Val-d'Oise (108 listings)
  • Property Essonne (101 listings)
  • Property Seine-Saint-Denis (91 listings)
  • Property Val-de-Marne (67 listings)

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2,920,000 € Le Chesnay Plateau Saint Antoine – A family home with a 1000 sqm garden and a garage 300 12 6
350,000 € House 75 4 3
880,000 € House 380 1 ha 6 6
2,920,000 € Le Chesnay Plateau Saint Antoine – A family home with a 1000 sqm garden and a garage 300 12 6
350,000 € House 75 4 3
880,000 € House 380 1 ha 6 6

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Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (12)

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Île-de-France property

Is it necessary to present Paris, mythical city par excellence? The city is at the centre of Île-de-France. And the closer one gets to the centre, the more expensive property becomes. This is the case with all capitals. But the rest of Île-de-France, accessible by RER, offers houses for sale at more affordable prices. Certainly, life in Paris is more expensive than in the provinces, but... the pleasure of strolling along the quays of the Seine! It is a magical city where, even if one lives there, one is a sort of tourist because, as Hemingway said: 'Paris is a party'.

  • Paris
  • Seine-et-Marne
  • Yvelines
  • Essonne
  • Hauts-de-Seine
  • Val-d'Oise
  • Seine-Saint-Denis

Paris Property

What Parisian has not envied the tourists discovering their city for the first time? The quays of the Seine, its cafe terraces, the little quarters which are still villages, the changing colors of the sky... It is not surprising that Paris has inspired so many artists: painters, writers, poets, film makers... they have all felt its effect. So, useless to think about the price of property in Paris. Yes, it is anything but cheap, like all the capitals in the world. There are all kinds of apartments there, from a simple studio, to big luxury apartments. It is just a question of which area to choose. If Henry IV thought that Paris was worth a catholic mass, it is certainly worth, as well, a few sacrifices.

Apartments and houses for sale in Paris

Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (13)

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris

Seine-et-Marne Property

When one thinks of the Seine et Marne, one thinks simply of the Paris area, and, of course... Disneyland. However, here is a department with a rich architectural and artistic heritage. The medieval cities of Provins or Moret-sur-Loing, the châteaux of Fontainebleau and Vaux-le-Vicomte, the gothic cathedral of Meaux are, among others, the proof of its historic past. And then there is charming village of Barbizon, or the Grand Morin Valley, which have been the inspiration for many paintings. Property for sale in Seine-et-Marne is abundant and mostly at a reasonable price. If you are thinking about the house of your dreams, you can easily get a plot of land near Meaux, or why not look for an apartment in Provins, or an old house in Colommiers!

Apartments and houses for sale in Seine-et-Marne

Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (14)

Half timbered house in Provins

Yvelines Property

A profusion of châteaux (Versailles, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Bretueil, Rambouillet...), magnificent parks and gardens, beautiful abbeys (Vaux-de-Cernay, Port-Royal-des-Champs), the little royal town of Marly-le-Roi and its picturesque old village, the Chevreuse Valley Nature Park..., the list of amazing places to see in Yvelines varies according to the area and the price range is very wide. Property too, depends on your budget and where you want to move to. A house in Bréval, an apartment in Elancourt or Versailles, a house with garden in Jouy-en-Josas... among so many other wonderful places. The choice is yours!

Apartments and houses for sale in Yvelines

Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (15)

The old village of Marly-le-Roi

Essonne Property

At just 45 minutes from Paris, it is already a different world. One has the impression on arriving in Essonne, to be in the countryside. There is Milly-la-Forêt with its ancient covered market and wash-house, Dourdan and its market town feel, Gif-sur-Yvette and its park areas on the outskirts of the Chevreuse Valley, the state run forest of Sénart... all this contributes to the complete change of scene and helps to forget, some of the time, the tumult of the capital. Property in Essonne offers a variety of options: many apartments, of course, but also a wide choice of houses or villas with gardens. So up to you to choose: an apartment in Savigny-sur-Orge, or a house with garden in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois? And why not a lovely canal boat moored at Draveil?

Apartments and houses for sale in Essonne

Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (16)

The ancient wash-house in Milly-la-Forêt

Hauts-de-Seine Property

The Hauts-de-Seine is especially well known for its famous business quarter, La Défense, with its ultra modern towers, contemporary sculptures and famous Grande Arche. But, this is also a department whose historic past reflects in the Château de la Malmaison, or the Parc de Sceaux and the Meudon Forest, essential destinations for hikers and joggers. If one considers the close proximity of Paris, property in Hauts-de-Seine can seem to be relatively affordable. Despite this, the price range is wide. There are lots of apartments for sale and some very beautiful properties. So, an apartment in Courbevoie, Asnières, Boulogne-Billancourt, or a house in Rueil-Malmaison?

Apartments and houses for sale in Hauts-de-Seine

Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (17)

The business area of La Defense

Val-d'Oise Property

Val-d'Oise offers a variety of picturesque landscapes which have inspired many painters and whose traces can still be found in Auvers-sur-OIse. Its rich architectural heritage is reflected in its chateaux, abbeys and beautiful villages. The Vexin Regional Park and Montmorency Forest invite you to strolling and relaxation. As to the riverside beach of L'Isle-Adam and the leisure centre at Cergy-Pontoise, they will make water sports enthusiasts happy. In short, this is a department where a good lifestyle is possible. Property in Val-de-Oise is plentiful and you will have the choice depending on your budget and tastes: a maisonette in Vétheuil, an apartment in Argenteuil, or a smart house on L'Isle-Adam.

Apartments and houses for sale in Val-d'Oise

Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (18)

Houses in Vétheuil, on the banks of the Seine

Seine-Saint-Denis Property

Seine-Saint-Denis being part of the 'small crown' (petite couronne), is thus in the outskirts of Paris. Second university centre of Ile de France, this is a dynamic department with a high population density. The city of Saint-Denis shelters the ancient necropolis of the French kings. Visiting this Gothic work of art is like flicking through a history book. Of course, there is also the Stade de France, which was inaugurated in 1998. Property in Seine-Saint-Denis is very varied and at all prices, including a lot of apartments. Where should one focus one's attention? In Neuilly-sur-Marne to take advantage of the banks of the Marne, in Saint-Ouen to be able to go shopping in the flea markets, or in Saint-Denis to be able to walk to the football matches?

Apartments and houses for sale in Seine-Saint-Denis

Property Ile-de-France : 1,929 houses and apartments for sale (19)

The Saint Denis Basilica

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  • Apartments
  • Countryside house
  • House with a pool
  • Apartments with a balcony
  • Houses with garages
  • Houses with gardens

Ile-de-France Houses

Ile-de-France is one of the most sought after regions in France for people who want to own a house. This region provides beautiful homes, all across its charming towns and villages. From sprawling chateaux to modern apartments, there’s something for everyone here. The houses come with plenty of amenities, such as large gardens, terraced balconies and spacious rooms. And with easy access to public transport hubs and popular attractions in this region full of culture and art, Ile-de-France is the ideal place to purchase an exquisite home!

Houses for sale Ile-de-France

Ile-de-France Apartments

Welcome to the beautiful Ile-de-France region of France! This vibrant and diverse area offers an array of living options for those looking for a new home - from charming apartments in the city centre to townhouses and villas on iconic Parisian suburbs. Whether you're seeking a modern city apartment or something more traditional on the outskirts, Ile-de-France is ideal for finding spectacular homes with authentic French character. Enjoy exploring all that this dynamic region has to offer: stunning architecture, lively nightlife, indulging shopping experiences, incredible historical landmarks and much more! Find your perfect place in one of Ile-de-France's fantastic locales today.

Apartments for sale Ile-de-France

Ile-de-France Country houses

The picturesque region of Ile-de-France in France is renowned for its rural lifestyle. Here, you can find a tranquil and unique house among rolling hills, lush meadows, and grand châteaux. Whether it's a cozy cottage tucked away in the woods or an elegant manor sporting stunning countryside views – there are plenty of delightful rural houses available to choose from. If you're looking for the perfect hideaway retreat in France, Ile-de-France offers vast opportunities for relaxation while immersing yourself within nature's beauty. Enjoy immense peace and quiet surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes!

Country houses for sale Ile-de-France

Ile-de-France Houses with pool

Located in the stunning Ile-de-France region of France, there are numerous luxurious homes with swimming pools for sale. Each home is unique and designed to meet your individual needs. Enjoy panoramic views of rolling hills or city skyline as you relax beside your own private pool. Whether it's a family house, waterfront property, chateau or villa – you can find many style options that will take your breath away! With spacious outdoor terrace areas surrounding the pool, al fresco dining is just part of the allure when living here. Come explore exquisite properties equipped with stunning pools and enjoy an unforgettable experience in Ile-de-France!

Houses with swimming pools for sale Ile-de-France

Ile-de-France Apartments with balcony

Experience the stunning beauty of living in Ile-de-France, France with a balcony view. From the enchanting Seine River to the iconic Eiffel Tower, Ile-de-France is home to some of the most magnificent sights and picturesque architecture that Europe has to offer. Our selection of apartments with balconies located in this beautiful region allows you to take in its splendor from your own doorstep. Relax and admire vistas over Parisian rooftops or stroll along cobbled streets in comfort - it's all within reach when you buy an apartment with a balcony here! Don't miss out on experiencing life at its finest - find your ideal property today!

Apartments with balconies for sale Ile-de-France

Ile-de-France Houses with parking

Live in the heart of France, with a property boasting its own garage. Ile-de-France offers an incredible variety of housing options, from luxury apartments to modern homes, all with premier garages for your convenience. With easy access to public transportation and good schools nearby, this region is perfect for families looking for a place to call home. Whether you're searching for suburban peace or city living in Paris, Ile-de-France has something for everyone - including plenty of properties with their very own garages! Come explore what this beautiful part of France has to offer today!

Houses with garages for sale Ile-de-France

Ile-de-France Houses with garden

Are you looking for a house with a garden in Ile-de-France? Set among the beautiful landscapes of France, this region has plenty to offer. From rolling hills and lush green pastures to historic towns and vibrant cities, Ile-de-France offers endless options for houses with gardens. You can find homes that are perfect for growing vegetables or secluded retreats surrounded by greenery. Moreover, depending on your budget and needs, there is an abundance of diverse properties available - from chic villas to rustic cottages. Whether it's charm you seek or peace and quiet in nature, Ile-de-France is the ideal destination for houses with gardens!

Houses with gardens for sale Ile-de-France

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